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~My Holiday Diary~

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Bah humbug [Sep. 2nd, 2006|06:56 pm]
~My Holiday Diary~
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It's officially the beginning of my favorite time of year...September 1st-December 25th. Today it seemed very autumn-y out...a deep cerulean sky, hovering ivory clouds with greyed lavender undersides...no haze...and a more mild temperature than usual. It was even cold this morning when I went to work, and I loved it!

Without going into detail, my family has split down the middle thanks to the pathetic excuse I used to call a sister. It's been a VERY rought 72 hours, and I haven't been able to function properly. But I can think clearly enough to anticipate my final Thanksgiving and Christmas around these people, and I can't even be around them thanks to her. So there will be no gift drawing, no baking night with Debbie and Amanda, nothing...it's so sad.

So we're not allowed to babysit Becky anymore, which cuts me off by $100 every month and Mom the same. I'm so glad I have this part-time job though, even though my sister is my boss, because I'm still raking in $266 a month and it will go up as I move up in position at work. I'm so glad for this job experience, and how it happened so soon before I would have been stuck penniless. I'm going to need to help out around here so we can survive until we move, so I doubt I'll be able to do OCC. I WILL do the local stocking drive, I swear upon that!!!

Yes, we're moving. Where? To New York state. When? Well, we're hoping before winter sets in, but I don't think that's really feasible, so it might be March. But we're going to be extremely busy between now and then, so time will go by quickly.

It's so weird...last year, Mom and I reveled in the holidays. Mom had a strange gut feeling that they would be the last ones the whole family spent together, and she wanted them to be as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Naturally, she was right.

One major thing before we move is that we need to use up all this fabric we have, so I'm getting some nice gift ideas for at least Mom. I'm SEVERELY stressed on what to get Trev, because I'm just worried I won't have enough after helping out around here. But to ensure it, I'm not going to participate in Arena's Christmas swap. I'd really wanted to this year, but there are much more important things at stake here. I'd love to hold a mini Christmas swap with someone, if they're willing. I love sending gifts to people :D

So anyway, Mom and I have to declutter the sewing area tonight. I want to look at her fabric and put some aside that I want to use...I've got a cute little idea for my sis Cathy and her Pullips...it's nothing amazing, but I think she and the little gals will like it XD

I REALLY need to get to updating Sakura Medley, but I just don't have my heart in it to do so. I want to make a new layout...