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The sun rises in bands of blood and storm... - Silver Bells [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
~My Holiday Diary~

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The sun rises in bands of blood and storm... [Nov. 18th, 2006|12:23 pm]
~My Holiday Diary~
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5 days until Thanksgiving, folks, and 6 days until the busiest shopping day of the year! *Squeals* Scary, isn't it? Yesterday feels like September. I'm not sure if I'm going to the big family Thanksgiving at Amanda's house, because we're not exactly part of the family anymore, and I'd rather not be around those who treat me like crap and treat Mom like a disease any more than I have to (I work with the worst two of the family members as it is). But we'll see. This is my last Thanksgiving here, and most likely the last opportunity I'll have to spend time with my young nieces and nephews...the thought is killing me that it may be my last time...ever. Once we move, I don't want them knowing where we are, which means I'll probably never see Becky, Trenton, Gwen, Kaylen, and Brandon again until they're teens or adults or whatever. *Sighs* This really sucks the big one.

In a few days, I plan to have three more Christmas gifts knocked off the list :D I think I'm doing pretty good this year...very little stress on my part, which is good because I stress enough about work as it is. Christmas shouldn't be a time for stressing out, but so many people do!

Neighbors already have some decorations up; Linda, across the street, has her tree up! It's really putting me in the Christmas spirit, especially on that amazing spiritual aspect. And I need all the spiritual I can get right now.

Anyway, we'll be decorating next weekend, and I can't WAIT! Mom and Becky went to Family Dollar yesterday and picked up a couple decorations for me...Becky got me a set of beautiful glass ornaments for my little white tree, and Mom got me a figurine of two dolphins wearing Santa hats and presents dancing on the waves. xD Mom also got us bubblegum flavored candy canes...as disgusting as they sound, they are REALLY good! I feel the holiday cheer in so many ways right now.

I can't wait until next Thursday, whether we go to Amanda's house or not. The wonderful smell of baking muffins and pies as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is on tv is like nothing else, and recalls very fond childhood memories in me. My holiday memories are some of my strongest, in all five senses and mental and emotional mindsets.

Oooops I forgot about the Weekly stuff, so here ya go!

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Christmas Recipe of the Week: Clove Apple Cake

Christmas Idea of the Week: Christmas-themed party games

Christmas Link of the Week: http://www.toysfortots.org

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Ewww, time to go to work...and make more Christmas money (ooo, and it's one more Saturday closer to me moving AWAY FROM HERE!!!) xD I'll post later with my Christmas wishlist...I may post it on that community I just found, Holiday Wishes!

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