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O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree! - Silver Bells [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
~My Holiday Diary~

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O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree! [Nov. 28th, 2006|08:54 pm]
~My Holiday Diary~
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |We Three Kings]

Ack, I'm two weeks late! xD Here's today's as well as the missed previous week :)

Christmas Recipe of the Week: Chocolate chip tree cookies

Christmas Idea of the Week: A few party favor ideas

Christmas Link of the Week: Jigetiser Christmas Gifts: Free 3D graphics

Christmas Recipe of the Week: Cinnamon cluster pancakes

Christmas Idea of the Week: The Advent wreath customs and prayers

Christmas Link of the Week: NORAD Santa Tracker

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I had a pretty good Thanksgiving, though I was pretty nervous about attending it because of the family issues. But it went well, and I was thankful about so much in my life, especially that I won't be in this area by this time next year. Different horizons, different surroundings, and a salt tingle in the air. The place that has been calling me home for seven years now.

Here's only a partial list of what I'm thankful for:

- Having a job and critical work experience
- My GED
- Mandi
- Trevor
- Jon
- My other wonderful friends, past and present, who have shaped my life in so many different ways
- Christ
- For being healthy
- For being so aware of everything around me
- For being female
- For being able to absorb information like a sponge
- For having a happy and imaginative childhood
- For my creativity
- That my father defied all human odds and survived
- For coffee...LOL

Anyway. I'm SOOOOO in the Christmas spirit right now!!! On Friday, Becky and I set up my little white tree and decorated it, and it's so beautiful in front of my window. There's nothing like the beauty of a white tree with multicolor lights making its branches glow in such an ethereal way. Then I watched The Polar Express, which put me in an even more childlike and excited spirit. On Sunday night, I went to Walmart and got a lot of the Christmas shopping done, plus Mom got us a pre-lit tree that's quite beautiful and takes a LOT of work out of the decorating factor.

Right now, I'm printing out the customary prayers for the Advent wreath, and Mom's out buying the needed candles for it. It gave me cold chills lighting each candle every Sunday before Christmas, because of the meaning behind it all.

Let's see...I just have to make out cards for my friends now to get them ready to send out, and make a few more shopping trips. And, of course, decorate the living room. Me, stressed over Christmas? NOT THIS YEAR!!!! This year I will relive my childhood and refuse to lose the beautiful magic of it.

It's so easy to lose that magic when you get older. The anti-climatic dullness following Christmas Day chips away at it more every year...but that's because we've had a taste of the eternal and want more. Why don't we make that last all year round, the giving, the virtuousness, the simple happiness? It will make the magic sustain.

The magic that sings in my blood, the spirit within that already knows the eternal. There's such beauty to most aspects of Christmas (except the stress). I want this beauty and magic to stay with me for my entire life.

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