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Silver Bells

It's Christmastime...well...err..almost!

~My Holiday Diary~
15 July
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This is my pre-Christmas diary, which was created mainly so the members of the wonderful forum Christmas All Year can read about my plans, ideas, and feelings and such and hopefully get inspired ;) But if you're a Christmas freak too, just go ahead and comment to friend me :) This is a public journal, but it's best for you to comment because I never remember to check my f-list editor thingie to see if someone has added me. I will also periodically post holiday graphics I've made that you can use on your own site or journal :)

So, here's some info about me:

*Name: Mary
*Age: 21
*Location: Southwest Virginia
*Hobbies: Writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, crafts, collecting & customizing My Little Ponies, psychology, animal behavior.
*Fave holiday song: "We Three Kings"
*What I love best about Christmas: The spiritual aspect of it as well as humanity's best virtues shining through to selflessly help and give to others.